04 December 2007

Hanging Holiday Lights

Can't just hang lights on the house, Donnie needed to go higher and hang them on the water tower in Elgin.

Happy Days

09 October 2007

Jack in the Box

Jack was still sleepy this morning, but dad had to get a picture of his little Jack in the box.

23 September 2007

Zoe doing imitations again

The Buckeye's are worth over "One Million Dollars"
Sorry PaPa, the Horseshoe is better than Happy Valley.

"M Go WHO???"


Talk, Talk, Talk

Sorry for the size, hope you can see and hear Jack

09 September 2007

Benjamin playing Football

Benjamin's football team won their first game 12-0.

Jumpin Jack

Jack is happy jumping in his jumpy seat

25 August 2007

Jack Smiling

Floor Time

Jack has mastered holding up his head, while Zoe is content with her head on the floor.

19 August 2007

Just Jack

Do I need to say any more?

Strike a Pose

Make sure you get my best side.

Our Little Helpers

It really would be alot harder w/out the help of Nicholas and Elaina. They love to hold the twins, and do a great job at it.

Jack the Bully

Jack has to use his size to get the best of Zoe.

First Shoes

Here are their first pair of shoes.

02 August 2007

First Wagon Ride/Two month check up

The twins enjoyed their first wagon ride. Thanks Gina and Bobby for the wagon. During their 2 month check up, they got 4 shots each. Jack was 11 lbs 8 oz, 22.5 inches, and Zoe was 9 lbs 8 oz and 21.5 inches.


How could anyone kick these two out of their chair?

All Smiles

Jack and Zoe think they're funny stealing their dad's chair.

21 July 2007

San Antonio Zoo

We had a good time at the San Antonio Zoo until it started to rain.

19 July 2007

Family Picture

All the kids got their picture taken Summer 2007.

30 June 2007

Normal Jack/Zoe's Impression of Jack

Zoe doing her best impression of Jack, and Jack showing her how it's really done.

Proud Mommy

Here is Jennifer holding her 1 month old babies.

Deep in thought

Zoe thinking about how to get out of trouble, and Jack planning something, I'm sure it's not good.

Zoe's Battle Wounds

Zoe had her operation on Tuesday. The Dr. gave her some heart shape gauze over her incisions.

17 June 2007

Jack and Zoe

All Star Nicholas

Nicholas 2007 All Star uniform.

First Father's Day for PaPa

Proud PaPa on Father's Day, 2007.

Uncle Jon has his hands full

Here is Uncle Jon holding his 11 day old niece and nephew.

07 June 2007

See a pattern yet?

Dad has to learn to hide the camera when he takes a nap.

Elaina Being Silly

Elaina wanted to feed the twins.

Who said no sleeping on the job?

Have to catch a nap anytime you can get one.

Sleepy Jack

Jack isn't sleeping too well at night, but is out most of the day. Just a little yawn during nap time.

04 June 2007

Getting Down

Zoe showing us she is a High Tech Redneck Girl. Both the babies did great on their hearing test, not that they needed to w/the way dad yells.

03 June 2007

Grames Kids

Top:Jack Bradford Grames
Middle: Zoe Elizabeth Grames
Bottom: Elaina, Benjamin, Nicholas, and Zoe N Jack


Here is Jack and Zoe Grames. Welcome to the Grames' Family.

28 May 2007

New to Blogging

Well, here is my first blog. I wanted to start this up after seeing our friends page, it would be easier to show everyone pictures of the kids this way. hope you all enjoy. This is Nicholas doing the Joe's Crab Shack crab race at Dell Diamond, which he won first place.