17 May 2009

Pudding anyone?

why do i need a bath?
I love Chocolate

New Buffalo, Michigan

Feeding the Birds at Lake Michigan
Enjoying the sunset on Lake Michigan

With grandma and Skip

B, N, E with Grandpa Dave and Jennifer

Benjamin, Nicholas and Elaina enjoyed spending the night w/grandpa Dave and Jennifer during our short visit to Michigan the first weekend of May 09.

14 December 2008


A picture we took on the twins play set

the beginning of December.

23 August 2008

Random 2008

Jack entertaining himself
Nicholas using his head to break the wave
Wanna Kiss?
are you reading to me or am i reading to you?
are we there yet?

Vacation 2008

St. Louis Arch

Here is everyone at the top of the Gateway Arch. 630 feet above everything

Warren Dunes, Michigan

I just don't know why Jennifer didn't want to join us.

08 May 2008

Zoe First Step

You have to turn your head.